Staying at Crossroads Inn & Suites in Salem MO

This evening we are staying staying at the soon to be Crossroads Inn & Suites. They are located at 1200 South Main Street, Salem MO (next to the Crossroads Shopping Center). The facilities are top notch and the rooms are the nicest in the area (actually better than most in Springfield in my opinion).

On March 19th the hotel will be switching from the old Holiday Inn Express to the new Crossroads Inn and Suites.  They have some exciting changes in store for that time!

In the meantime, I am helping them migrate from their old computer system to the new one. I am looking forward to getting everything squared away for them in the coming days. 🙂

PS the Scoops ice cream place next door is a great place for dessert and my kids love the Pizza Inn that is just a short walk away.

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