Salem MO hotel with good internet [Crossroads Inn & Suites]

This past week I worked from Tuesday through Friday in Salem MO. I stayed at the Crossroads Inn & Suites and had a chance to test their internet over the course of my stay and my work.

Here is the result for their free wifi:

Very nice free wifi speeds in Salem MO

Very nice free wifi speeds in Salem MO

This result puts is at equal to or better than most hotel’s that I’ve stayed at in Springfield MO (another area where I work regularly). They also have (5) dedicated wifi access points for good coverage and two PCs w/flat screens near the lobby area for guests to use. Lastly, rooms have dedicated Ethernet ports (they are labeled as DSL… but it’s really Ethernet) which is a nice feature if you want rock solid connectivity and even lower ping times. 🙂

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