Snazzy Archives Error [solved]

The  Snazzy Archives plugin is a cool WordPress plugin for outputting snazzy archives.

However, it seems that something in the latest update of the plugin (or possibly of wordpress) is causing some problems:

Just allowed the latest plugin update this morning. My archive still displays… but shows this message above it…

Help !
Don’t know why I’m receiving the following error message, after the latest upgrade:

Don’t know why I’m receiving the following error message, all of a sudden, after the latest upgrade…

The problem lies in the following code:

Template Name: Snazzy Archives
<?php get_header(); ?>
<p align="center">
<?php if (isset($SnazzyArchives)) echo $SnazzyArchives->display(); ?>

Which spits out out an error message similar to:

Warning: Missing argument 1 for SnazzyArchives::display(),  called in /wp-content/themes/amazing-grace/Snazzy.php on line 11 and  defined in wp-content/plugins/snazzy-archives/snazzy-archives.php on line 290

Here’s a solution, change the appropriate section above by adding in two quotation marks in the display function call:

<?php if (isset($SnazzyArchives)) echo $SnazzyArchives->display(""); ?>

This worked when I was fixing the archive on my friend’s blog. I hope it helps you too if you’re having a similar problem :-).

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