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Upgrading a Dell M4400: Dual Hard Drives, 2.8GHz CPU, 4GB RAM

UPDATE: new post with specific M4400 upgrade questions and tips as a result of questions from commenter David. NOTE: you can also view all the entries in this Q & A series… The Dell M4400 has been my laptop of choice for almost a year. For my birthday I upgraded it to 4GB RAM (from 3GB) and swapped out the P8600 CPU for a T9700. The P8600 is a 2.4GHz dual core chip (25W) with 3MB cache, the T9700 is

Musings on turning 30

I think this is going to be another good year :-). Photo: sunset in the Ozarks, taken late last month. Intro: I’ve heard that you if you watch someone you can see the story of their life. I’m not talking about what kind of car they drive or how expensive their watch is, I’m talking about whether they are kind to others and whether they believe in themselves. I mean are they as healthy as they can be and do

Samantha’s Birthdays

This post will be updated periodically until Samantha’s birthday on the 14th of April… Here is a photo from her birthday last year: For her birthday she always seems to end up with ribbon in her hair! We’ll be going to Springfield/Bolivar for the day of Samantha’s birthday. So today we’re doing a little early celebrating here at the farm. Samantha is getting one of her favorite meals for lunch (chimichangas) and we’re opening a few presents tonight. Presents so