Fairfield Inn & Suites Laramie Wyoming – Hotel Internet Review

I travel frequently for business and as such good internet access is a top priority. For my work, a fast and reliable internet connection is absolutely essential. As such, I make sure to test the connection each time I stay at a hotel and make notes for future reference.

Here are the results from my recent stay in Laramie Wyoming at Fairfield Inn & Suites:

  • Ping 18ms
  • Download speed: 1.04Mbps
  • Upload speed: 1.07Mbps

Ping times were good. However, for this day and age, those UL and DL speeds are barely acceptable and rank very low compared to other hotels. 🙁 The connection was fairly stable and wifi reception was good, however, the slow speeds made any sort of strenuous net usage a chore. Likewise, if you family wants to watch Netflix they are going to encounter plenty of buffering.

Overall internet rating: C-

Conclusion: I plan to stay elsewhere the next time I am in Laramie on business.

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