Our Honda Element gets a makeover

Today our Honda Element got cleaned, detailed, and new tired. Tomorrow it gets full-serviced. It is looking nicely new, I feel like we have a new car :-). While all this was going on it gave me a chance to do some walking in Springfield, to and from various appointements. Then in the evening my mom met up with Samantha and me to have some tasty Pizza Hut on Sunshine Street.


  • Bevin

    Oh man, you’re blogging again! I may be a little late on the pickup here, but I want you to know, I have been checking periodically waiting for you to start up again. 🙂

    Hope you guys had a wonderful honeymoon and married life is going well!

  • J.D.

    Thanks Bevin! It’s good to hear from you :-). The honeymoon was awesome, though it doesn’t really seem like it’s over!

    I hope all is well in Bevinland :-).

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