Olympus OMD E-M1 in the snow

The Olympus E-M1 is an amazing photographic tool, so what makes it even better? This camera can withstand the elements!

Here is southern Missouri we generally do not get much snow but the past couple days left us with nearly a foot of snow. Of course that meant it was time to test the E-M1’s weatherproofing. It did not disappoint, after shooting admirably in the frigid weather I let the E-M1 hang out in the snow for a bit…

The E-M1 is quite comfy in the snow

The E-M1 is quite comfy in the snow

Of course the E-M1 handled the snow easily and felt no ill effects after the snowbath. I have a lot of faith in Olympus camera bodies, as I once had my Olympus E1 (and FL50 flash) fall into an icy Colorado mountain stream and survive with zero problems. Likewise, camera stores used to demo the E-1 on a tripod shooting continuous frames… while pouring a pitcher of water on the camera. So, kudos to Olympus for making a capable camera that also happens to be quite rugged.

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