NTFS or exFAT for removable media (SD/SDXC or USB)

UPDATE: my exFAT formatted 128GB SD card has been working wonderfully, I am happy with my choice of file system formats 🙂

exFAT has been mentioned previously on this blog, but for the first time I truly needed to decide: exFAT or NTFS for my new 128GB SD card

In the end, I chose exFAT for both speed and compatibility. My primary OSes are Windows and Android, both of which support read/write of exFAT. Android not so much with NTFS (at least out of the box w/o root or 3rd party apps). Plus there were not going to be any critical files stored on this drive and capacity is not humongous (128GB SD card) compared to hard drives or full fledged SSDs.

On the other hand if this had been an external 2.5″ USB hard drive with capacity exceeding 1TB then I would have gone with NTFS for perhaps a bit more reliability and resiliency.

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  • Robert Shullich

    Exfat has been optimized to be flash memory friendly by reducing memory writes and alignment to memory blocks. You can’t get a cluster of 32mib under NTFS which still has a 64kb max cluster size.

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