Last minute options for filing 1099-NEC forms

Intuit QuickBooks for contractor 1099 filings:

With the web based QuickBooks online filing feature, the steps are basically:
#1 add your contractors
#2 add payments that you sent to the contractors
#3 file the 1099-NEC (or similar) online with the IRS*

*they e-file with the IRS as well as mailing and emailing copies to your contractors.

The process takes a few steps but the end result has worked perfectly for me this year. As of right now, they offer a $7.50 reduced rate monthly subscription that allows for virtually unlimited 1099 filings (at least from a single company/business, but to as many contractors as you need). It is a fairly cheap and effective option.

Other sites offering e-filing:

eFile4biz (note it may take 30 minutes to receive their signup confirmation email)

eFileMagic (I have not used them personally, but they are well rated)

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