How to remove a stuck/broken blade from Dewalt XR jigsaw

Here are photos showing how to remove a broken jigsaw blade from the DeWalt battery powered jigsaw. I had to to this after a blade broke off. Someone else broke the blade and didn’t tell me, so at first it was hard to tell that there was any of the blade even stuck in there (it was just the small t part that locks in) and I couldn’t figure out why new blades would not seat properly 😂

Finally I was able to see the broken part. It would not come out by any normal easy means so I then proceeded to remove it as shown below. I hope this helps if you find yourself in a similar situation! 👍👍

It is a tight fit but you can fit the wrench/key in without removing the guard etc.
Two screws loosened and mechanism removed
Once the two screws are removed, the mechanism can be removed from the saw

Clamp to release the blade

2.5mm allen wrench / hex key

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