Download for Carbide3D Project #1 – Wrench

I could not find the referenced in the Carbide 3D tutorial. It did not come with the Carbide software download and it was not linked in the tutorial that I was reading. Thankfully, I did finally find the download link!

Completed wrench on the worktable after machining!

The relevant section of the tutorial:

The Nomad 888, as well as most other CNC machines, runs files called gcode. Gcode is a format that goes back decades to the original CNC machines in the 1960’s.  Gcode is basically just a set of motion commands that tells a machine what cutter to use, a series of coordinates to move to, and the information about how fast to go.  Gcode contains only this motion information, it does not contain your original CAD data anymore.

Select the file (but the file was nowhere to be found -J.D.)

Tutorial source: Project #1 – Wrench

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