Ryobi Electric Riding Lawn Mower Reviews

I recently ordered a Ryobi riding lawn mower. Living off the grid and relying exclusively on solar panels for power, I was especially intrigued by a mower that could be off the grid as well. Any reduction in trips to the gas station is a good thing in my book 😉

Mower in field

For those that are inquisitive like me, here are some of the battery specs:

  • 48V battery system [(4) x 12V batteries in series = 48V]
  • AGM batteries
  • ~2 hours or ~2 acres for the 75Ah configuration
  • ~2.5 hours or ~2.5 acres for the 100Ah configuration

The less deep discharge you do to an AGM battery, the longer it will last.  Therefore, I chose the 100Ah configuration because it will allow me to mow longer without discharging as deeply at the 75Ah configuration. I plan to mow for around an hour each mowing session and that should be a fairly gentle discharge for the batteries. Likewise, I will make sure to charge the mower after each mowing session.

If anyone is questioning whether an off the grid household can utilize one of these mowers, the answer is an unequivocal YES :-). Specifically, with 7.2kWh* [7200W] coming in from our solar array, it will be possible to charge the batteries (48V x 100Ah = 4.80kWh capacity [4800W) using only 40 minutes** worth of full sun. The actual charge time will be longer due to the amp rating of the charger itself, but in the end, we will only require about 40 minutes of sunlight to produce enough power to complete a full charge of the mower.
*Note, for the time being, I will be using a normal AC outlet powered by our solar system, batteries and inverter. It should also be possible to do direct DC charging from a panel and MPPT or PWM charge controller that has been set for AGM batteries and wired appropriately.

**(4800/7200 = 0.667) x 60 min = 40min

While this is my first experience with owning an electric riding lawn mower, we have used a Polaris Ranger EV for years at our farm and it has a similar 48V battery configuration. We have had zero problems using this EV off the grid 🙂

Ryobi Electric Riding Lawn Mower Reviews

Before purchasing, I read a ton of reviews. Here is a list of the best Ryobi electric riding lawn mower reviews:


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  • GadgetJimbo

    How is it going with this mower? How long have you had it? Troubles? Pluses? Minuses?

    • Hi GadgetJimbo!

      Thank you for your question 🙂 So far, six months in, the mower is still performing admirably!

      Troubles: nothing major so far, other than the ride is pretty stiff (no suspension) and I try to take to slow to minimize wear on the motor (and me).

      Pluses: it is an absolute joy not having to mess with fuel, oil and the assorted maintenance a conventional gas/diesel mower requires! Also, it is quieter than a normal gas/diesel riding mower which makes for a more relaxing mowing experience! It cuts very well and the battery life is still great.

      Spring is almost here so I will be doing plenty of mowing soon. I will post here if anything changes.

      Feel free to comment if you have any other questions!

      Best regards,

  • J.T.

    Can you upgrade a 75Ah to a 100Ah when you purchase new batteries.

    • Dear J.T.,
      Yes, I believe you can upgrade the batteries when you replace them. Just be sure of your dimensions and terminal locations before purchasing a particular battery.

      Best regards,

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