Bummer! Haswell may run hot & require delid for better cooling

This initial news from FanlessTech is quite a bummer:

On LGA 1150, Intel is using thermal paste between the silicon die and the heat spreader, no soldering like Sandy Bridge and previous generations. We are seriously worried about passive cooling now. So disappointing.

via FanlessTech: The Haswell disappointment.


Looks like the word of the day is delid… as that seems to be what is necessary to really push Haswell temps down πŸ™ And here are more details:

Haswell Temp Readings - AnandTech Forums

Haswell Temp Readings – AnandTech Forumshttp://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2323542That said, wow Haswell is hot. Would a better air cooler help or is the only solution is to delid? […] haswell has issues… so far listed by people i trust..

1. VRMs are now on the cpu..VRM’s are voltage regulators… they heat up… on the board they were mosfets… u remember me tooting about having solid mosfets for high level overclocking….

2. The IHS was not caibrated properly with the node shrink.
This causes a gap between the IHS and node.
The cpu is also shown to not be soldered… so the IHS is not as good as the intel metal solder used in the earilier gens.

It's Official : Haswell is on FIRE

It’s Official : Haswell is on FIREhttp://www.overclock.net/t/1396010/its-official-haswell-is-on-fireDoesn’t matter what kind of cooling he is using. Any cooling solution even stock shouldn’t be anywhere near boiling. Personally I think a hardware release like that is all but unacceptable.
4770k /4670K IHS Removals

4770k /4670K IHS Removalshttp://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?286340-4770k-4670K-IHS-RemovalsHersounds, I knew you would be the first to slice off that IHS Intel really went over board with the Paste and Black Silicone. Can’t wait to see the new figures once you’ve cleaned that crap off and…


  • Haswell is first and foremost a mobile CPU, it wasn’t really designed to have ‘heatspreader’ on it. Right now with mobile sales taking up the bulk of Intel’s interest and the 1150 platform is just a way to get volumes up. I wouldn’t trust heat reports until some notebooks with haswell get reviewed.

    • Thanks for the insights John. I have been hankering for more Haswell news and reviews, especially about the Intel Iris Pro 5200 (man that is a mouthful!).

      Overall the entire Haswell release seems to be very un-Intel like… some parts available now, others later, not much out there in the channel and just not as much comprehensive info as I am used to πŸ™

      I am also very interested to see what Apple does with Haswell πŸ™‚ and I would like to see Dell refresh their entire lineup but so far it only individual models getting the new CPUS.

      Finally, I would really like to know how the 5200 integrated graphics do on SC2 but alas I have yet to find anybody that has run that test! Sorry for the run-on reply, but suffice it to say that six-months from now I hope that lots of new form factors and features are out there as a result of Haswell!

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