HOWTO redeem Gear VR free with S7 and S7 Edge

I am pre-ordering a S7 Edge tonight and at first I didn’t see any info on how to get the Gear VR for free. Thankfully, a chat window popped up and the answer was soon within my grasp 🙂

Chat with AT&T

AT&T: Welcome to AT&T Chat. How may we help you today?
Me: Hi, do I have to add the Gear VR to my cart to get it… or is it included automatically when I buy a S7? Thx!
Jenna: Thank you so much for chatting in to AT&T today! How are you doing? 🙂
Me: Great! How are you Jenna?
Jenna: That is great to hear! I am doing very well, thank you so much for asking! I can definitely assist you with the order!
Me: Great 🙂
Jenna: You will actually have to go to
Me: Ahh, gotcha!
Me: That is just what I needed Jenna, you’re a rockstar!
Me: Have a lovely night and a wonderful week 🙂
Jenna: You are very welcome and thank you so much for all your kindness! You are a rock star as well! It has been a pleasure assisting you today! Thanks so much for visiting AT&T and have a wonderful night! 🙂
Me: 😉 g’night Jenna, thx again!

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