Get Discover Bank tax documents online (1099 etc.)

Tax time approaches! If you need a copy of your Discover Bank tax documents, you can find them here:


Discover Bank Tax Documents Download

Discover Bank Tax Documents Download

This is a very handy feature as you can download the tax documents at your convenience. However, I recommend keeping the paper copy in a safe place as well, because sometimes the financial sites go down just when you need them the most. Paper never fails you if you can find it 😉


  • Larry L Brousseau

    Will 1099 Tax Forms be sent or when can I download them.

    • Dear Larry,
      1099 forms should be sent out early in the year. Likewise, your downloads should be available at around the same time mailed forms go out.

      If you do not receive your forms in a timely manner, please do not hesitate to contact Discover Bank directly via their contact methods (login and go to Contact/Help).

      Best regards,

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