Galaxy S5 screen repair, iheartrepair review

In August I broke the glass on my Galaxy S5 screen and sent it to for repair. Overall the process went quite smoothly:


  • Simple ordering process
  • Coupon code available for discount
  • Turn around time was quite short:
    • 2 days for delivery
    • 2 days for repair
    • 2 days for return delivery
  • Upon completion of the repair they promptly emailed photos of the device, it looked GOOD! 🙂
  • They carefully packaged the phone for shipping
  • Phone was fully repaired


  • My order instructions were not followed (I requested a black bezel for my white phone and they did a white bezel)
    • They did catch the mistake but it was after the repair had completed, they offered to redo it but I did not want to wait the additional time*
    • Their email: “We regret to inform you the technician has replace the white screen on your device instead of the black screen.  We wanted to know if you still want to replace it with the black screen, if you do, please e-mail us back or give us a call.  You will still receive tracking information today if you choose to replace the black screen on your device.”
  • There was a spec of dust under the glass, this is non-removable by the end user

Overall on the first repair I was quite satisfied. The spec of dust was the only real drawback. 4/5 rating

S5 screen repair total, after discount coupon

S5 screen repair total, after discount coupon

Then this past week my phone fell out of my pocket and landed face down. I had a protective case and a tempered glass screen protector. Unfortunately, those protections did not prevent the screen from breaking. This time it was the glass and the digitizer 🙁

I do not know if the digitizer was weakened by the previous fall, or by the previous repair, or if the fall would have broken a brand new phone… Regardless, I am sending it back in for repair once more.

Here is my review of the 2nd repair:

  • I requested a discount for the 2nd repair, they responded that a $10 discount was available
  • Submitted repair, this time I chose a pre-printed label
    • -The label they provided had the address reversed (i.e. my address was the ‘To’ address)
  • Mailed the phone on October 1st using my own label
  •  Requested refund for the prepaid label on Oct 2nd, they promptly processed the refund
  • Oct 6th, repair completed and tracking number provided for return shipment of the phone
  • Oct 9th, received repaired phone, in excellent condition and looking good as new 🙂


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