Drawbacks of Mvix Amazon Fire TV app

As best I can tell, for digital signage there are two main drawbacks to the Mvix Amazon Fire TV app solution:


#1 Monthly fee
They charge a $30 per month fee per account. However, that does cover all the devices/displays that are in use (it is NOT a per unit fee).
Pricing for Digital Signage via Amazon Fire TV

Pricing for Digital Signage via Amazon Fire TV

For more details:
http://signagecreator.com/pricing (click the “Amazon Fire TV” button for that pricing, or see my attached screenshot)
#2 Performance or content limitations
I am  also worried about the Amazon Fire TV version being underpowered or crippled for HD video. I was basing that on their “Andros” system, which I believe is similar to Fire TV on specs and may only supports menuboards and not HD video. Lastly, I have some concerns about remote maintenance/reliability of the Fire TV solution versus their dedicated hardware options.
More capable alternatives:
My preference is for their Mvix Xhibit Myrko system which has no monthly recurring fees and offers some fairly robust functionality.
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