Best (low cost) digital signage solution w/remote centralized management

Recently I was tasked with recommending a digital signage solution for a client. Specifically, they needed centralized maintenance and control of approximately 20-30 signs covering 10-12 locations. Another paramount goal was cost effectiveness via no recurring/subscriptions costs. Here is my digital signage recommendation:

Specific unit recommendation: Mvix Xhibit Myrko
Mvix Xhibit Myrko

    • $259 single time cost to purchase device
    • No additional license cost, no subscription fees
    • Remote management
    • Single HDMI output
My recommendation is for one of the $259 Mykro units for each screen/TV that we will be utilizing.
To go with dual independent output requires the “Enterprise” model which is $890. It seems more cost effective to go with the less expensive unit on each TV.
Hardware Configurations and Software Features/Levels (color coded)

Hardware Configurations and Software Features/Levels (color coded)

1 Connect the system to the display screen and to the internet.
2 Login to, and upload media.
3 Schedule media playlists to individual devices or as a group.
4 System will download and display the media playlist as scheduled.
Overview of Xhibit signage:
(click “software” pricing to see the various features in each software tier)
CONTENT FEATURES (“BASE” software version)
  • HD Videos
  • Images
  • PDF Media from URL/Local server
  • RSS/Text Ticker Marquee
  • Media Animation
  • Fonts
  • Google & Custom Web-URL
  • HTML5
  • Clock (Analog or Digital)
  • Role-based User Permissions
  • Drag-n-Drop Layout Creator
  • Remote Live View
  • Remote Device Reboot
  • 7 Day Playback Logs
Base, Standard or Pro software options

Base, Standard or Pro software options

There are other options out there, but Mvix has a proven solution with excellent centralized management and no recurring costs. They also have a quite extensive client list, here are some examples:
Partial Client List

Partial Client List.

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