How to download YouTube videos to your computer or phone [SOLVED]

I received the following question from my friend Alicia:

Do you know of a way that I can take videos from youtube and put them on a flash drive or disc so I can watch them at home? I’m wanting some zumba videos to use at home but my phone internet isn’t strong enough to run them.. -Alicia

So I sent her are a couple websites where you can paste the youtube video’s URL (website address) into the form and then download the videos right to your computer or Android phone/tablet:

Download Youtube Video is the most popular video hosting resource and the third most popular website in the world. The success of this project owes to its convenience but the latter is limited when trying to…


Followup from Alicia:

6 hours ago
You are awesome!! Thanks so much. I will give it a try!
3 hours ago
It worked fantastic! Thanks again!


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