Dell Latitude E6430 Laptop i7-3520M 512GB SSD 1GB NVIDIA 5200M 8GB 9 CELL WIN7

Here I list items that I purchased and then sold at a later date. Simple enough huh? Here we go…

Dell Latitude E6430 Laptop
This was a backup laptop and I I have not been using it anymore due to switching to a desktop for work. So I am looking for a good new home for this laptop. From a display and performance standpoint I found it to be an excellent laptop. It does have a crack in the corner of the case where it was dropped.  Please see photos for condition of laptop. Laptop is guaranteed to work properly and has a 30-Day Return Policy, simply contact me if you have any problems with the laptop.
Thank you for viewing this auction :-)

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Your satisfaction is my top priority! If you have any questions please contact me via the eBay “ask a question” link under my seller info.

NOTE: only items pictured in the photos, or listed in the auction, are included in this auction.

Included in auction:
  • (1) Dell Latitude E6430 Laptop (as shown in the auction photos)
  • (1) Dell extended battery (as shown installed in the laptop)
  • (1) Dell charger (not shown in photos, but in good condition)
  • i7-3520M
  • 512GB SSD
  • 1080P DISPLAY (1920×1080)
  • 1GB NVIDIA 5200M
  • 8GB RAM
  • WIFI
  • WIN 7 PRO
DISPLAY: A+ (no scratches, no issues with display)
CASE: C+ (due to crack)

PERFORMANCE: A+ (fast i7 CPU, fast SSD, 8GB RAM)FUNCTIONALITY: A- (everything works well except for the trackpad button, and the expresscard slot is obscured)

Details of case cosmetic issue & trackpad button responsiveness:
  • Laptop has a crack in the lower right hand corner of the case & upper right of display bezel. 
    • Does not affect functionality except for the expresscard reader but is cosmetically noticeable. 
  • One of the physical trackpad buttons has to be pressed hard to register a click. 

Otherwise laptop is in good condition. There are no scratches/problems with the actual display LCD itself. Battery is good, performance is excellent.

Thank you!

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