Blown Corsair power supply cable + motherboard connector


The photo pretty much says it all… 🙂

UPDATED as per John’s request, here is the motherboard side of things:


  • Ok, so what does the motherboard look like?

  • J.D.

    Will post the motherboard photo soon!

  • Is there only 1x 8pin 12v EPS connector on that motherboard? Also, what processors were installed, and how overclocked where they? To me it looks like the board was drawing too much current through four of the pins on that 8pin connector. Something like that would only happen under overclocking conditions (the 8pin connector can theoretically provide 44A at 12VDC, that is 528W!). A design flaw in the motherboard may only use 4 of the wires, resulting in a theoretical max of 22A at 12VDC (264W), which 2 OC’ed CPUs could exceed.

    • J.D.

      Sorry for taking a while to respond!

      Yes, I believe only 1 connector.

      CPUs installed: (2) Intel Xeon Quad Core “Clovertown” 2.4GHz ES CPUs

      No overclocking (but of course they are ES CPUs!)

      Didn’t we put some ES or QS CPUs in our Vostro 1400s? If so, they were from the same source as these Clovertown CPUs.

      Jodom paid a pretty penny for the Xeons but they gave him many years of good use at (8×2.4GHz)… 🙂 and they actually still work I believe, just the mobo/PS are blown. Happened once before too. Not sure if it was the exact same mobo model both times but I can check if you want…

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