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Disable Java Auto Updater on Windows 7 stop pop-up [SOLVED]

Question from FrankT:  I have a nice Windows 7 computer that runs great EXCEPT it has a super annoying “Java Auto Updater” popup that occurs every day! I go into the Java Control Panel and uncheck the auto updates box but it always ends up being checked again next time I check 🙁 I am wondering if I have some sort of java auto updater virus??? I am about to go crazy with this, so if I don’t have a

HOW TO do a (relatively) clean install using Windows 7 Upgrade DVD

In the past it seemed like you could do a straight-up clean Windows 7 install using an upgrade DVD on a new PC. Last night we tried a clean install on my buddy’s new PC, using just such a Win7 x64 “Family Pack” upgrade DVD, and everything installed just fine (selecting “custom install” instead of upgrade install). BUT, after booting the Windows product key wasn’t accepted… So, the solution was #1 to go ahead into Windows (by not entering the