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“Connect to GOG Galaxy Communication Service was lost and could not be restored!” [Remote desktop issue]

Please note, if you try to connect to a machine via MS Remote Desktop Protocol and start GOG Galaxy then you will likely encounter the following error: “Connect to GOG Galaxy Communication Service was lost and could not be restored!” Unfortunately, there is no resolution for this error other than to manually login to the machine locally (not remote desktop). If the error still persists, I recommend rebooting the PC and trying to start GOG again. Sorry to not have

Increase audio quality in Remote Desktop Connections

I really dislike fuzzy/tinny audio. Sometimes RDP connections with RDC clients results in laggy and/or poor quality audio. A two step tip that you can use to try and solve these problem in Windows7: #1 on the server (the machine you are connecting to) Using the Group Policy editor, Go to Computer Configuration:Administrative Templates:Windows Components: Remote Desktop Session Host:Device and Resource Redirection. Set “Limit audio playback quality.”  to “Enabled,” and set “Audio Quality” option “to High”. #2 on the client

Best RDP client for Mac OSX Lion

UPDATE: 2013.03.10 adding a new desktop client to the list as well as info for iOS and Android RDP clients. UPDATE: 2012.04.05 added more info regarding certificate errors (and ignoring them!) This week I have been using OSX alongside Windows. I quickly realized that I needed a good remote desktop connection (terminal server) client for Mac OSX Lion. Here are the primary candidates I considered: MS Remote Desktop Connection Client for Machttp://www.microsoft.com/mac/remote-desktop-clientConnect to multiple PCs New Multiple Session Support gives Mac users