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Turn off Kindle singles recommendations etc. [SOLVED[

Some Kindle questions from readers: Q1. How do I turn off the annoying Kindle singles crap that takes up half of my Kindle’s screen?! Menu -> Settings -> Device options -> Personalize your Kindle -> Advanced Options -> Cover View Recommendations -> Off Q2. Can I get rid of recomendations, they are way off?! While you are at it, you can also turn off Special Offers Recommendations: Menu -> Settings -> Device options -> Personalize your Kindle -> Advanced Options

Use your e-reader as a display for your computer

Over at Pocketables (one of my fav tech sites) they posted a nice little article asking Why are ereaders still stand-alone only devices? It is a valid question and if the Pebble watch is any indication, there is a lot of pent up demand for ultra-long lived devices using e-ink displays. If Pocketable’s premise was e-ink is good for a lot more than just reading books, and that the current ereaders should do more… then this along those lines, here

First Generation Kindle on eBay

The latest entry in the Bought & Sold series… This is where I list items that I sell on eBay. Simple enough huh? Here we go… Up for auction: 1st generation Kindle Description: this is the replacement Kindle that Amazon sent us after American Airlines killed our original Kindle. It has not been used other than to be turned on, as my wife and I bought an iPad while we were waiting on Amazon to send us a replacement Kindle. Condition: I believe

Kindle for iPad, error fix by deregistering

My wife received the following error when trying to download and read a Kindle book on her 1st generation iPad: Please remove the book from your device and redownload it from your archived items. If the problem peesists, try to deregister your application and register it again. Here is step-by-step how to get things working! PS if this was useful to you, please let me know how you rate it on a scale of 1 to 5, thanks! [starreview tpl=16]

How to sideload Android apps onto the Kindle Fire & Nook Tablet

Thank goodness both of the hottest new 7″ tablets support side loading Android apps onto the devices! There are a LOT of tutorials out there, some of them pretty complicated, so here are the TWO best sideloading tutorials I have found… Sideloading for the B&N Nook Tablet:   How to sideload apps on the NOOK Tablet (Amazon Appstore, GO Launcher EX) – Liliputinghttp://liliputing.com/2011/11/how-to-sideload-apps-on-the-nook-tablet-amazon-appstore-go-launcher-ex.htmlFortunately it’s pretty easy to install third party apps on the NOOK Tablet. You don’t even need to

What is the latest Kindle firmware version? [answer] for all generations

Q. Hiya. I see on my Kindle “Settings->Device Info” screen that my Kindle has “Software Version” Kindle 2.5.5 Is there a later firmware version for my Kindle?! Thx in advance. A. Yes! There are later firmware versions available.  The LATEST version depends on which Kindle you have. Judging from the info you provided, you have either a 2nd gen Kindle or a Kindle DX so version 2.5.8 is the latest version for your devices. Also here is the latest firmware

How can I lock the Kindle DX screen orientation? [easy]

Q. Hi. I have a Kindle DX and I really love it, but sometimes when I am reading it rotates the screen orientation WHEN I DON’T WANT IT TO. How can I “lock” the screen orientation so this will not happen? A. Great question! First a bit of info, then the solution. 🙂 Here’s how Amazon describes the screen rotation/orientation feature: The Kindle DX screen image can rotate to match the way you’re holding your Kindle. The display changes accordingly