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Wow, FileSonic stops file sharing! MegaUpload arrests to blame

Wow, FileSonic just disabled their file sharing features! I guess this should not come as a surprise after the MegaUpload arrests. But wow, this really makes FileSonic almost useless. Now they only do online storage. Unfortunately, they pale in comparisonto the bigger and more feature rich competitors like DropBox, Amazon cloud services, etc. they My understanding is that you cannot even use FileSonic for basic file/document sharing between colleagues now (i.e. I upload a spreadsheet and product images, Bob cannot access those files

Access XP share without password, from Vista

Question: Tonight I was trying to access, via Vista, a folder that was shared from a Windows XP Pro machine. I kept getting a username/password prompt, but there isn’t a password set on any of users! How can I access the folder? Answer: by default Windows XP Professional won’t allow network users shared folder access without a password. So here’s how to allow network access using a blank password: First, on the XP computer that is sharing the folder make