Wow, FileSonic stops file sharing! MegaUpload arrests to blame

Wow, FileSonic just disabled their file sharing features!

FileSonic scared out of sharing any more files...

I guess this should not come as a surprise after the MegaUpload arrests. But wow, this really makes FileSonic almost useless.

Now they only do online storage. Unfortunately, they pale in comparisonto the bigger and more feature rich competitors like DropBox, Amazon cloud services, etc. they My understanding is that you cannot even use FileSonic for basic file/document sharing between colleagues now (i.e. I upload a spreadsheet and product images, Bob cannot access those files without directly logging into my FileSonic account) 🙁

FileSonic had some cool features like lifetime memberships and relatively good UL/DL speeds, but this is just a dagger to the heart if you need to use it for any serious purpose. It is also a slap in the face to anyone that paid for a membership since one of the primary features (being able to DL without nag screens) is now gone because there is no downloading at all.

NOTE: can you imagine how much wasted storage space FileSonic may now have? Hopefully they were using a cloud service themselves (like Amazon Web Services / AWS) otherwise they must be loaded with overcapacity at the moment…

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