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Get rid of Google Voice popup notifications in Chrome

Q. I have an issue where my Google Voice Chrome extension now pops up notifications in the lower right hand corner in a balloon-box. It is quite annoying. I also much prefer the little notification bar by the regular Google Voice icon near the address bar. That one is much more useful to me and makes the popups redundant. Do you have any suggestions on how to hide/disable/remove the annoying Chrome popups? Tami Pain A. Thank you for your question

Samsung Chromebook Review

My Samsung Chromebook arrived recently and I have been enjoying putting it through its paces. Thoughts so far… Cons: Bottom of the laptop gets pretty hot Keyboard is not backlit Pros: Performance, suprisingly good Simplicity, everything is very easy to find/use Weight, nice and light… comfortable on lap Wifi range is good and it supports 5GHz connections Different: Right-click is by tapping with two fingers (Google) Rating so far: 4 out of 5 stars

Add torrent/magnet links directly from Chrome to uTorrent

Sometimes I really miss firefox. What was very simple years ago has proved surprisingly tricky for me on Chrome. I am looking for a way to ‘single click’ and add torrents to a remote instance of uTorrent. So far I have not had any luck using this Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/remote-torrent-adder/oabphaconndgibllomdcjbfdghcmenci?hl=en 🙁 So the quest will continue and hopefully I will soon have success to report! 🙂

Sharing clipboard & data between various computers and Android phones

Some of these tips/apps have been very helpful to me so I thought I would share the links here 🙂 Share Clipboard Between Computers: Windows, Linux and Machttp://www.ampercent.com/share-clipboard-between-computers-windows-mac-linux/10822/The problem of sharing clipboard data across multiple computers and operating systems becomes more complex, when you do not have an internet connection. Precisely, it becomes… Super useful tool for sharing clipboard text between computers using Google Chrome! Chrome – Clipboard Sync How to Break Down the Barrier Between Your Android and Computerhttp://lifehacker.com/5656214/how-to-break-down-the-barrier-between-your-android-and-computerEven though

Error 103 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED) Unknown error.

If you receive this error: Error 103 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED): Unknown error. when when using Google Chrome to visit sites like Amazon , or when trying to place an order on Amazon then you may want to check your extensions/plugins settings: (Click the wrench icon to the right of the Chrome taskbar -> Settings -> Extensions) For me, there was a plugin called: Autocomplete = on1.0 which changes ‘autocomplete=off’ to ‘autocomplete=on’ in web pages, so your passwords will be remembered. After disabling this plugin

Middle clicking link in Chrome opens in same tab and new tab [SOLVED]

Q. Help! When I middle click a link in Chrome it opens in a new tab (like it should) but it ALSO opens in the same tab I’m in, which it should not 🙁 How can I fix this super annoying behavior?! –Virginia A. Good question, here is an extension that will fix the problem: middle button new tab Please let me know if this does the trick for you. Also, if you can rate this review this tip on

Easily copy a bunch of links from a webpage

If you ever need to copy a bunch of links for a project it can be very tedious to right click ever single link and select “Copy link address” then paste that into notepad (or wherever you are storing the links) over and over 🙁 Thankfully there are some simple, and free, plugins to help make this task MUCH easier: Copy Multiple Links to Clipboard with Link2Cliphttp://www.nirmaltv.com/2010/05/10/copy-multiple-links-to-clipboard-with-link2clip/About the Blog NirmalTV.COM is a daily updated technology blog which was founded in