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Fatal Error! PIL._imaging.pyd [SOLVED]

Question. I recently had the following popup unexpectedly on my Windows laptop: Fatal Error! PIL._imaging.pyd could not be extracted! I was surfing the internet on my laptop and I am worried that I might have a virus 🙁 Can you help me identify what caused that error? Thx! -Josh Silvija Answer. Hi Josh! Thank you for your question. Fortunately, that “fatal error” should not be an issue. Specifically, I have seen that error occur when Google Drive (now Google Backup and

Annoying AVG Free disk space requirement

Tonight I was installing AVG Free on a virtual machine running XP that was setup to only have 10GB of hard drive space. With all the various updates and programs installed there was only about 800MB free space left. Annoyingly AVG Free would not allow an install until 1GB of space was free. 🙁 If AVG actually needed a gigabyte of space that would be one thing. But guess how much space it actually uses? About 100MB. Yes, they are