What is a booty band?!

I had no idea what a booty band (or hip circle band) was until my wife got one. Now I know a booty band is a type of resistance loop that is about eight- to 10-inches long. It is designed to work your lower-body muscles, such as your glutes, hips, quads and hamstrings³. Booty bands work by creating constant tension in your muscles, keeping them activated throughout the movements you’re doing². They can help you firm and sculpt your booty

Last minute options for filing 1099-NEC forms

Intuit QuickBooks for contractor 1099 filings: https://app.qbo.intuit.com/app/payroll With the web based QuickBooks online filing feature, the steps are basically:#1 add your contractors#2 add payments that you sent to the contractors#3 file the 1099-NEC (or similar) online with the IRS* *they e-file with the IRS as well as mailing and emailing copies to your contractors. The process takes a few steps but the end result has worked perfectly for me this year. As of right now, they offer a $7.50 reduced

What to try if headless rackmount server doesn’t show up [SOLVED]

Dell PowerEdge Boot Up Displayed on AOC LCD monitor

Recently we booted up our old 1U Dell R610 server to restore some data from it. However, we were unable to access the VMWare vSphere capabilities and could not ping the dedicated IP address. Hooking up a spare monitor we found that the CMOS battery was bad and it was preventing bootup (i.e. it was stuck at an error confirmation screen). After using a keyboard to continue by “pressing any key” to get past the error, all was well 👍👍

Simple Music Player for elderly (real world review)

The Simple (SMPL) Music Player is specifically designed with elderly individuals in mind, making it incredibly easy for them to use. Here are a few ways that the device caters to the needs of seniors: I generally purchase the SMPL music player from Amazon. Over the years we have purchased three of them and they ALL still work properly. ✅Here is a link to the product page✅. To make things easy we load each player with a different type of

Coiled Cable: A Simple Solution to Keep Your TV Remote Safe

If you have ever lost your TV remote, you know how frustrating it can be 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️😤. This is especially true for older people or kids who may have trouble remembering where they last placed the remote. But fear not! There is a simple solution that can help you keep your TV remote safe and sound – a coiled cable. 👍 Here is a three pack that I ordered to use one for my dad’s remote and a couple spare for

Good music for a loved one suffering from dementia

What would be some good music for a loved one suffering from dementia? When it comes to choosing music for a loved one with dementia, it’s important to consider the individual’s personal tastes and preferences. However, there are also some general guidelines that can help you choose music that is calming and engaging for someone with dementia. Here are a few tips: Some good examples of music for someone with dementia might include classic hits from artists like Frank Sinatra

“New” X230 ThinkPad!


My old X230 laptop finally bit the dust after MANY years of faithful service. This particular laptop has been upgraded with what is widely regarded as the best overall IPS matte display for the X230 (LG125WH2-SLT1) 👍😊 The old X230 SSD worked perfectly in the new X230. Now I am cloning from that same 1TB SSD over to a new 4TB SSD for an upgrade. This should end up being a very fun machine! Here is the eBay description of