Toshiba Satellite F01N unknown device / pci simple communication controller [driver download]

Q. Hello, I have toshiba satellite c850 fo1n “unknown device and pci simple communication controller” not working can you help out? A. Sure! If your device manager is showing a yellow question mark for unknown device F01n as well as the simple communications controller on the Satellite C850, that problem should be solved by the following driver download: (Intel Chipset Utility for Toshiba Satellite laptops, both 32 bit x86 and 64 bit x64) NOTE: this driver may also work for these models Satellite

Projector recommendations

Update: there is a new 1080p ViewSonic projector that would also be a very nice choice. It is called the View Sonic PJD6553W and it replaces the PJD6531w. A good friend asked for a projector recommendation late last year. He needed to replace a failed projector and here was my recommendation: First starting with criteria, then ending with specific model recommendations. CRITERIA These criteria are based on my desire for the new projector to be as good or better than the old projector in

How to calibrate Motorola Photon extended battery

2012.07.20 UPDATE: So far the battery life with the extended battery is simply phenomenal! I recently purchased a Hyperion extended battery for my Motorola Photon (about $18 on Amazon). Mugen is another popular brand of extended batteries, however, they seem to be $60+. So for now I am pleased to try out this lower cost battery and see how it performs After switching to an extended battery it seems that the Photon will report that the battery is running down fairly quickly

Download Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Phone USB Drivers

Yesterday I needed the latest Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Android Phone USB driver, however, the Samsung site was down 🙁 In case you are in a similar situation, here is a download mirror of the latest Samsung driver: s2 link This download was tested with AVG anti-virus and installed on Windows 7. Below is the official Samsung driver site if it is currently working.   Support – AT&T Cell Phones SGH-I727 | Samsung Cell Phones OS Release Date Language Size (MB)

Motorola OTA update for Photon (DETAILS)

Today I received a notification from Motorola about the availability of an OTA (over the air) update for my Photon. Down below you can find the full details.  But first, three important notes: If you have your Photon rooted, reports are that this update removes root. 🙁 There is no mention of a fix for the no-audio problem on Lapdock 500 etc. when using the phone as a WebTop 🙁 This does not update the Photon to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) 🙁 Details

Work 1 failed, Error = 504.00 1 1 DVDFab to iPad [solved]

[starreview tpl=16] I recently received error 504.00 1 1 in DVDFab: This error occurred while trying to use the video converter to convert an MKV to h.264 for use on an iPad (1st generation and 3rd generation). I tried a variety of options in the settings menu and I also perused the forum threads below. What eventually worked was installing the latest beta edition of DVDFab: DVDFab8192QtBeta.exe (dl direct or ) After installing the beta version, my video converted successfully! 504.00 error –

Adjusting color balance on Android phones

One of the beautiful things about Android devices is that they are so configurable. Case in point, adjusting the color balance on my phone. My Motorola Photon has a nice resolution screen (256 PPI) but I never found it comfortable  to my eyes 🙁 Today I had my Photon setting next to my iPod touch and found that on the Photon screen whites were too white. It really looked less appealing and caused more eyestrain than the otherwise antiquated iPod touch screen.