My Best Photos

These are some of my favorite photos that I feel have some artistic or technical appeal. These aren’t necessarily my favorite in general, because many of my absolute favs are simple snapshots with family or friends.

Rampart (2002)


This photo was taken in Puerto Rico on Spring Break.   Normally I struggle with ocean photography or any type of landscape. Architectural elements often elude me as well. This one is different from my normal efforts.  It combines natural landscape and man-made monument into a beautiful scene. It’s some of the best image composition, with some of the most striking elements, that I’ve ever put together in one shot. On a simpler note, I really enjoy the colors :-).

Camera: Olympus E-20

Ice Fence (2007)

A glimpse into an alternative reality

This photo was taken in Springfield MO after the town had been hit with a major ice storm. Once the sun came out I took a lot of photos. This is my favorite from that very icy time, I also have fond memories of it because I was taking all these photos with my girlfriend (now wife) driving me around town. It was almost like being in an alternative reality, one in which a simple chain link fence takes on a surreal appearance.

Camera: Canon 5D with a Sigma wide angle lens (the camera and lens were borrowed from John Odom).

El Morro Interior (2002)

Architectural elements, simple shapes are striking

This image was taken the same day as “Rampart”. It was part of the same old fort, but instead of an exterior view it’s an interior.  I’m normally not very good at taking photos of architectural elements, so gain this is one of my few successes in that area.

Black Bikini Candid

Sharing an expressive moment

Swimsuit photography is actually one of my best areas. This shot is my favorite for a number of reasons: #1 it captures a candid and unexpected moment when they cold ocean spray hit Samantha #2 it’s a photo of my wife and I love her #3 the photo effectively showcases her fitness. It’s pretty rare for me to get a shot that really feels unique and unexpected, that’s why I like this one so much.

Camera and lens: Olympus E-510 and 35-100mm lens.

King of the Court (2003)

Capturing a moment of my life

This is a self portrait taken  when I was in college. I like self portraits but I don’t usually get the results I am looking for.  This time I did, it captures a moment in my life. When I look at this photo taken seven years ago, I feel the same way that I did at that moment like an athlete who is at one with the court. I don’t usually shoot or process in black and white, but with this shot I feel like it works.

Camera: Canon S110

Reflected Mountain (2002)

Visualization, preparation and execution.

I visualized this shot while driving up the road in Colorado to our cabin. At the time it was evening, but I knew in the morning this show would be waiting for me. I prepared all my gear, got up before dawn, went down to the beaver ponds (that’s the body of water) and setup my tripod. I got the shot that I wanted. It’s not the most spectacular photo ever, but for me it was the best I’ve ever done at imagining a shot at some point in the future and making it happen.

Camera: Olympus E-20


  • Elizabeth

    I like the photographs. My favorite is probably the El Morro interior. That is really hard to get the overall photograph in focus with as much detail and feeling from the walls.

  • They are all excellent shots. I agree with my mom, El Morro is exquisite! We really should print some of these on the Cannon and put them up in the house!

  • Chris

    Hey, I have a picture of that court hanging in my gym!

  • J.D.

    Very cool Chris!

  • Terrific balance and color saturation in the architecture photos. In 2008 and 2009 I developed neuromas in both feet, so I gave the Fujifilm camera taken to the Rockies in 2007 to my brother. I pretty much live vicariously through the adventures of other now, so keep up the good work!

  • DC Wornock

    I like the Samantha photo best too. A slightly cropped version is my desktop and it is perfect for that. I considered a Jessica Alba desktop. However, after comparing, Samantha was the obvious choice.

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