WordPress Multisite Stats Plugin [SOLUTION]

The WPMU (WordPress Multi User) project has always interested me. It’s a simpler version of what we do on Weblogs.us The general concept for WPMU is to have one master WordPress install that contains any number of blogs. WPMU recently merged into regular WordPress and the new “Multisite” option. So, WPMU is now no more, long live WordPress Multisite. 🙂

Since I’m testing out WordPress multi-site I’m also looking for a good web statistics solution for it. I’d prefer to avoid Google Analytics and instead use something that keeps the stats in the local MySQL databases. So WordPress.com stat based solutions are out too. I’m looking for a totally self-hosted solution.

The first plugin I tried was Wibstats. It looks like a cool stats plugin and the author seems cool too. Wibstats network activated just fine and created the appropriate DBs, unfortunately I never could get it to record any visitor statistics. 🙁 Most people with similar problems seemed to be using themes that didn’t call wp_footer(), but I tried a number of themes that DO call wp_footer() to no avail. I did a little debugging on these two functions, wibstats_savevisit() and function wibstats() and neither was ever getting run on pageloads. Sadly most of the support/updates relating to Wibstats are from 2009-2010 and I didn’t find much for 2011. So, moving on…

It looks like the open source Piwik and the WP-Piwik might be the solution for me. The install had a nice step-by-step interface and so far it’s working splendidly with a number of blogs!

Piwik - Web analytics - Open source

Piwik – Web analytics – Open sourcehttp://piwik.org/Piwik is an open source real time web analytics software. You can install it for free on your website or blog. Have look at the online demo ; if you want to give Piwik a try,…

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  • Shawnee Macurdy

    Thank you for your tips. I am running multisite wordpress which have the performance issue when active Statpress. Piwik is the solution for me.

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