Week 1 Insanity Workout – Recap and Tips

Week 1 Insanity Recap and Tips

First, hang in there! One of the great things about the Insanity workout is that there are very few “counting reps” type exercises. Instead, you are gradually working out to your max potential every workout. This could make it a bit discouraging in the beginning if you are significantly slower than the people in the video, however, if you stick with it you will be up to speed in no time!

Secondly, watch out for your diet! On my last workout of the week (Saturday) I had a large Mexican meal for dinner and the proceeded to workout later that night, NOT A GOOD IDEA! I made it through okay, but the heavy food really made it difficult and was very unappetizing after the fact. The upside is that from that point on I have been craving healthy good. Save yourself the trouble though, be smarter than me and eat healthy or at least in moderation. 🙂

Finally, keep working out consistently and soon you will achieve the healthy (and sexy) body that you desire!

BONUS TIP: What are some great workout shoes for Insanity? I highly recommend ASICS GEL-Kayano 15 Running Shoe. These shoes keep my feet feeling great throughout all the workouts. 🙂

Great shoes for P90X or Beach Body Insanity workouts!

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