SOOSPY wifi camera, default username and password

The default WiFi SSID is the same as what is printed on the QR code sticker.

The default IP address is: (connect to its wifi network and DHCP will give you an address like

The default username is: admin

The default password is: [BLANK] (no password, do not enter password)

More details and an old Amazon review:

Decent clear picture and reasonably discreet as advertised.¬†The BVCAM software for IOS did work, though can be mildly confusing what they want you to do.¬†There is a QR code sticker on the device, and the BVCAM software can scan this, so adding the device is easy enough.¬†What is mildly confusing is that the device (once plugged in and given a minute) appears as a WiFi hotspot.¬†So you set your phone to connect to that, then you can use BVCAM to finish configuring the device, including the important next step, entering your home WiFi settings.¬†I had no problems but I see the manual notes three key requirements/suggestions including 1.)¬†2.4HZ WiFi only, 2.)¬†that the WiFi SSID and password use ASCII characters (letters and numbers) only (probably good advice anyway for maximum compatibility with all devices, 3.)¬†that your WiFi be configured for WPA or WPA-2 encryption, no WEP.¬†I do recommend changing the default password from 8888, and the BVCAM application will prompt you to do this.¬†It’s a good idea to do so.¬†You actually don’t have to use your phone to view live streaming video, but they don’t make it entirely easy.¬†Under Windows, Network view, the device appears as RalinkLinuxClient.¬†Right click properties to view the MAC address of the device.¬†From a CMD window, type “arp -a” to get a list of MAC addresses and assigned IP addresses.¬†Now you know the IP address of the device.¬†From a web browser (I used Firefox), enter the URL “http://[ip address of device]¬†For username and password, I entered “admin”, and no password.¬†Yes, no password.¬†The goal here is to get into the device’s built-in HTTP server/interface, and by default, no password is correct.¬†This is not the same password used when configuring BVCAM.¬†Several choices are available, but I recommend “Non-IE Web Browsers (MJPEG).¬†Good old Motion JPEG like any other IP Camera.¬†Click and you can view live video on your PC.¬†There are also useful options to adjust brightness, rotate, etc, and that GEAR icon, to get into the camera’s system menus where you can set an admin password, replace DHCP assigned settings with static settings, and other expected options typical of an IP camera.¬†By the way I’m very pleased that those good old IP camera settings are adjustable, and web browser accessible.¬†The phone viewing option is of course popular, but it’s a big plus that this can be viewed on a PC with no additional software needed.

Full amazon product name: 1080P Wireless WiFi Mini Camera- SOOSPY Indoor Outdoor Portable Small Security Camera /Nanny Cam with Motion Detection(IOS&Android) (Camera)

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