Pull-up challenge: 25 for Dec 25th

This evening marks the starting point of my pull-up challenge. My goal is to do 25 pull-ups by December 5th. I am calling this my “25 for Dec 25th”. 🙂 From 11/22 to 12/25 gives me 33 days to meet my goal.

+Excellent form (all the way up, all the way down)
-No swinging or pumping of legs
-No time limit, i.e. hanging on the bar and resting is allowed

Tomorrow I will post my initial max pull-up starting point. Then I will periodically update with progress reports. 🙂

Inspiration and related info:
While I did not care for his form, i.e. 90-degree elbow angle at the bottom, I do appreciate his significant advances in only a month! Also, the WSJ has a very interesting piece about this man’s other month long goals.

Pull-ups vs. Chin-ups

Articles related to avoiding neck pain:

What to do if Pull-ups & Chin-ups Cause Neck Pain and/or Injury (Q+A)

In the past, I have often experienced neck pain after doing pull-ups and chin-ups. Therefore, I am making a concerted effort to avoid neck injury this time around.

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