Use Motorola Lapdock with other phones? [yes]

The Motorola lapdock can be used with phones other than Motoroloa phones (Atrix/Photon). As a matter of fact you can use some lapdock features with popular phones like the Samsung Galaxy S III or the HTC One EVO.

The only limitation comes with the fact that most phones these days have a single micro-USB connector which can either:

  1. Charge the phone / transfer data
  2. Output HDMI via MHL
  3. Act as a USB host via USB OTG (on the go)

This means that with a standard MicroUSB connector that supports MHL you can use the lapdock as an external display (#2 above) or as a keyboard/touchpad (via #3 above) but not both.

Interestingly, Samsung has enabled more functionality in some of their latest phones:

11-pin MHL-HDMI adapter/dongle

The SamsungĀ Galaxy S IIIĀ andĀ Galaxy Note IIĀ use a connector that is similar to the original 5-pin MHL-HDMI adapter/dongle, but it uses 11-pins in order to achieve a few functional improvements over the 5-pin design.

  • It supports the use of USB and MHL simultaneously. (Note that the new Samsung 11-pin MHL-HDMI adapter also has aĀ USB On-The-Goport).
  • Samsungā€™s Galaxy S III/ Note 2 can power the MHL-HDMI adapter (when used with a non-MHL-compatible-TV). Although this can theoretically also be done with the standard 5-pin micro-USB connector, the Galaxy S III’s 11-pin connector is believed to be the first smartphone that supports this functionality.

ViaĀ 5.2 11-pin MHL-HDMI adapter/dongle – Wikipedia

Theoretically this type of 11-pin adapter should allow for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note II (GN2) to more fully utilize a Motorola Lapdock . I will be testing this shortly to see how it works.

UPDATE: itĀ is possible to get USB host and HDMI simultaneously out via the single connector, as evidenced by the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock:

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smart Docking: Cell Phones - Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smart Docking: Cell Phones – Amazon Galaxy Note 2 Smart Dock is not your average docking station. With one HDMI port, 3 USB ports, a 3.5mm stereo audio connector and a MicroUSB charging port built in, now youā€¦



BONUS #1 Wireless Display Connectivity: another option for display usage it to utilize theĀ Miracast/AllShare Cast feature on your phone and aĀ compatibleĀ receiver to wirelessly connect to the lapdock. Here is a simple example diagram:
Samsung Galaxy S III -> wireless ->Ā PTV3000Ā -> wired adapter -> Lapdock

Netgear PTV3000-100NAS Push2TV - Amazon

Netgear PTV3000-100NAS Push2TV – Amazon display content in up to 1080p HD video resolution. Flexible power option by using the USB port on the TV. Small size for easy placement and portability…

BONUS #2 possibly use the Lapdock keyboard via Bluetooth:

Bluetooth Keyboard Adapter

Bluetooth Keyboard Adapter keyboard to Bluetooth adapter. Money back guarantee: if for any reason the adapter does not work with your keyboard or device, simply return it to us for 100% refund including S&H.


Forum threads with helpful info:

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To be updated as I do more testing… (in the meantime feel free to comment if you have relevant info/questions!)


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