Olympus 12-40mm won’t auto focus [FIXED]

Q. I cant get the Olympus 12-40mm lens to auto focus all of a sudden? Any quick tips? -Sam

A. There is a ‘manual focusing clutch’ mechanism on the lens that might have gotten bumped.

“This model is equipped with the Manual Focus Clutch mechanism, which makes instant switching to manual focus possible by pulling the focusing ring toward you. ”
Olympus 12-40mm manual focus clutch

Source: Olympus Asia

So check if that got pulled back (you should just be able to push it forward). 🙂

If that doesn’t work you might try disconnecting the lens and then re-attach it (you don’t even have to take it all the way off, just unlock and twist, then twist back till it clicks and locks).

I hope that helps! –JD

UPDATE, the response from Sam: I thought there might be something like that! Fixed in the nick of time!


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