• Janey

    Hiya, just wanted to say that I started NS last month and am already seeing GREAT results! Glad to see more sites like this getting interested in losing weight because it is such a win-win deal. Will post back here again as I lose more. Thx! -JaNeY

  • Uncle Harley

    I’ve had tremendous success with the “bulletproof” diet (found at bulletproofexec(dot)com), which is a modified paleo diet. I did months of research to corroborate the mainstays of Dave Asprey’s research, and it’s rock solid. Robert H. Lustig, MD, at UCSF’s Endocrinology Dept., confirms that you can’t make body fat without insulin. –>> youtube(dot)com/watch?v=gmC4Rm5cpOI So stop eating the fast carbs and sugars that jack up your blood glucose, which in turn triggers insulin production.

    On this diet there’s no calorie counting, although Dr. William Davis (wheatbellyblog(dot)com) recommends no more than 15 grams of carbohydrate per meal, and a limit of 50 grams per day.

    Oh sure, Dave Asprey has monetized the “bulletproof” diet with a host of stuff he’ll sell you, and although I’ve never tried any of it, I’m sure it meets or exceeds its representations, but I’ve bought everything cheaper by doing some web research.

    To recap the benefits that I’ve gotten from the “bulletproof” diet, my blood glucose has dropped from slightly above maximally acceptable to 4 points above minimally acceptable. Total cholesterol dropped 39 points, with triglycerides down 34 points to the accepted level (while literally drinking medium-chain triglycerides daily), and total non-HDL cholesterol dropped 43 points. My sleep apneas dropped 15/ per hour; and that was before I lost 40 pounds of weight! I’ve also significantly reduced my NSAID and acid reflux meds, too (see below).

    Recently, two nurses who took my vital signs during the same procedure asked if my low pulse rate was normal for me. At intake, I registered 60 BPM, and when they got me laid down and comfy on the exam table, it dropped to 50 BPM; which is within the mid-range of a well-trained adult athlete.

    This is a self-reinforcing diet for anyone who has chronic, low-grade, systemic inflammation from, e.g., arthritis. Once you get off the gliadin (a form of gluten) and all the sweeteners (except stevia, which won’t trigger insulin production), your inflammation tanks. Thereafter, you’re generally able to avoid the NSAIDs and the acid reflux med.’s that go along with long-term NSAID consumption. Moreover, food cravings and compulsions fade away as you “withdraw” from gliadin. Beware of “gluten-free” foods, however. The refined starches in them will jack up your blood glucose faster and farther than their caloric equivalent of regular table sugar. See also WheatBellyBlog(dot)com

    The problem with ditching “fast” carbs (i.e., refined starches) and sweeteners is that a lot of people begin to run an energy deficit because they don’t have the jacked up blood glucose needed to meet peak energy demands. Unfortunately, your body is going to scream for insulin to bring down that blood glucose, so you have a limited window of opportunity to make use of it before you crash.

    This is where quickly digestible, energy-producing fat comes to the rescue. And unlike sugar peaks and crashes, fat lasts. Essentially, in order to avoid that fatigued, lethargic, washed-out feeling of an energy deficit, while also reducing blood glucose, you have to convert your body to being a “fat-burning vehicle”; yeah, literally.

    The best way I’ve found is to blend quality MCT oil (Medium-Chain Triglycerides extracted from either coconuts or palm kernels) into my coffee, smoothies, mashed potatoes, salad dressings (buy low-sugar, low-fat dressings and spike them with MCT oil), etc. You want to avoid the cheap stuff which contains longer carbon chain molecules, i.e., C12 and above. That stuff takes too long to digest, and it isn’t any more beneficial than simple olive oil, in that regard.

    A C8-C10 blend suffices for everyday use, and costs about $18 – $20 / qt. BE CAREFUL, AND WORK UP TEASPOON BY TEASPOON until you can tolerate 1 full tablespoon, or you’ll get DISASTER PANTS. I usually only need 2 tablespoons per day. Pure C8 is the Cadillac of performance, but you’ll pay about $40 / qt., and it’s typically not necessary except for high-energy / high-performance demand.

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