MC4 solar connectors

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Do I need to order quiet a few of these for current and future panel installation? The connectors on the two new panels seem exceptionally good.

(PS: I don’t recall using these connectors in the past (if I’m wrong about previous usage, please let me know with some info. on which panels I might have used them on.)

MC connectors are handy to have around! If you need to make custom cables on demand, they are definitely a good option.
Also, for when you need MC4 and then bare ends, often times people buy a complete cable (MC4 male on one end and MC4 female on the other end) and then cut it in the middle, That way you get a MC male cable and a MC4 female cable, with bare ends.
Buy 50 ft MC4 cable (male on one end, female on other)
Cut 50 ft MC4 cable into two 25 ft cables,
ending up with a male cable a female cable (to connect to a panel, and bare ends for going into a charge controller etc. I attached a screenshot illustrating this.
Here is a cool page about MC4 connectors:
Connector types:
MC4 (the current standard, the latest and the greatest)
All my new panels have MC4 connectors.
MC3 (the previous standard)
My panels from approximately 6-8 years ago are MC3 (the previous style).
For now and the forseeable future all new panels should be MC4 (at least until a new standard comes out) 😉
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