Download only par/par2 recovery files SABnzbd

Q. from Ray in LA Hi! I have a download from sabnzbd that failed. But I found par2 recovery files somewhere else for that download. Now I ONLY want to download the par2 files and I even made an NZB file that only has them but sabnzbd won’t do it and just says that download fails once it starts it 🙁 Any help please?

A. from JD Hello Ray, thank you for your question 🙂 The follow steps should allow you to succesfully download PAR/PAR2 recovery files by themselves:

  1. Create or find the NZB that contains the PAR2 recovery files
  2. Open the SABnzbd web interface, often found at: http://localhost:8085/
  3. Click the “Add NZB” button in the top righthand part of the screen
  4. “Choose File” and select your NZB then “Upload”
  5. Adjust the “Processing” dropdown to “Download”
  6. Now start the download as you regularly would
That’s it! By specifying “Download”, you avoid all the postprocessing/verification that normally occurs. So when set to “Download” it will simply download your files (in this case PAR2 files) and put them in the approriate “incomplete” folder. You can then manually copy those files to where the rest of your RARs are located and run Quickpar or similar other repair tools. I hope this helps!
Followup response from Ray: that worked perfectly, thanks never would have found that on my own!!!

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