How can I lock the Kindle DX screen orientation? [easy]

Q. Hi. I have a Kindle DX and I really love it, but sometimes when I am reading it rotates the screen orientation WHEN I DON’T WANT IT TO. How can I “lock” the screen orientation so this will not happen?

A. Great question! First a bit of info, then the solution. 🙂

Here’s how Amazon describes the screen rotation/orientation feature:

The Kindle DX screen image can rotate to match the way you’re holding your Kindle. The display changes accordingly from portrait to landscape. The buttons work the same in either rotation, and the 5-way controller movements are switched to match the rotation. Note: The Kindle Store can only be viewed in portrait mode. [more info at the link below]

The Solution: the “Aa” key, followed by Screen Rotation selection

I have uploaded a photo showing the button to press on the keyboard: “Aa” (I am pointing at it) and the selection area where you can pick your screen rotation options…

(click image for a larger version)

I hope this helps!!!

PS Additional resources:

Below you will find a more verbose textual description of this process, directly from the Amazon help pages (which are definitely worth checking out). Help: Locking your viewing mode

By default, the Kindle DX auto-rotates the screen image based on your orientation. To lock your screen in portrait or landscape mode:

Press the “Aa” key located on the bottom row of the keyboard.
Move the 5-way down to underline the Screen Rotation options.
Move the 5-way left or right to select the option you prefer. (“Auto” automatically adjusts the display based on your motion.)
Press the 5-way to confirm your choice.
Tip: Want the Next and Prev Page buttons on the left side of your screen? Rotate the device 180 degrees.



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