How do I cancel Great courses trial (or subscription) on Amazon? [ANSWER]

Amazon makes it very difficult to find the correct page for canceling Amazon Prime Video subscriptions and trials. To save you some time I have bookmarked the correct page and linked to it here.

To quickly cancel your trial or subscription, simply click here: Amazon, Manage Channels and follow the prompts.

Detailed instructions: login to Amazon* and click the “Cancel Channel” button. If prompted, select Turn off auto-renew and watch until…” Finally the trial/subscription is CANCELED! šŸ‘šŸ‘

*please use a desktop/laptop browser, or on your mobile browser check the option to “View as desktop”.

Click the “Cancel Channel button on ANY channel/trial/subscription that you want to cancel šŸ‘

In this case, it is “The Great Courses Signature Collection” channel subscription that we are cancelling. āŒ

If prompted, turn off auto-renew! They make this way more time difficult than it should be šŸ˜Ÿ

Or if you prefer to do it in a mobile app, you can load the Amazon Prime Video app and click on your profile icon, then the gear icon for settings, then “manage your Prime Video Channels”.


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