HDCP stripper – HOWTO remove HDCP from HDMI signal

I recently encountered an issue where my DirecTV HDMI output was unusable on my new LCD. Thankfully, the following HDMI HDCP stripper allowed me to watch on my monitor 🙂

NOTE: The best price I could find was $19.95 on Amazon with free shipping and if you need the extra HDMI cable, they have them for ~$5.49.

The process is very simple:

  1. Connect power to the HDCP stripper
  2. Connect first HDMI cable from DirecTV receiver to “HDMI INPUT” on the stripper
  3. Connect second HDMI cable from the stripper’s “HDMI OUTPUT 1” to the HDMI port on the LCD monitor
  4. Enjoy the high quality image! 🙂

In other words, HDMI source -> HDCP splitter/stripper -> HDMI monitor/LCD


Click image for more details

Click image for more details

Enjoy your game or movie! 🙂


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