Google Photos crashes when saving edits on Samsung Note 10 (S10, S9, S8) [SOLVED]

Recently my wife unable to save photos after editing them in Google Photos. Specifically, the Google Photos app would crash immediately upon trying to save edits and this issue was occurring on a Samsung Note 10+. Checking with some friends, they were having similar issues on their S10 phones.

After trying a number of adjustments (restarting, clearing cache, clearing data) I finally realized that the issue was due to motion photos. Specifically, during a recent software update, it seems that Samsung changed the default settings and the camera app was saving photos as motion photos. The Google Photos app has issues with Samsung motion photo editing and will crash if you try to save edits.

The solution: turn off motion photos in the Samsung camera app This will allow you to edit any new photos that you take. For older photos, already saved as motion photos, I recommend using an alternative editor like Snapseed.

If you have had this same issue, I hope this info is helpful to you and I wish you happy editing!

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