Recommended Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector [REVIEW]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector - NEW 2014 Ultra Premium HD Version - 3 PACK Ultra Clear - iSmooth - Free Lifetime Replacement Guarantee - Bubble Free Installation Guaranteed - Package Includes BONUS Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Four (4) Dust Removal Stickers, Installation Tips with Video, and Three (3) Ultra Clear Screen Protectors

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector – NEW 2014 Ultra Premium HD Version – 3 PACK Ultra Clear – iSmooth iSmooth Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector is backed by the iSmooth Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

If you are looking for a good screen protector for your Note 2, look no further than the iSmooth SGN2 screen protectors. For less than $11 my family has been very satisfied with this brand of screen protector. I purchased the (3) pack for my wife’s Note II in April 2013 and we have now had over a year of protection for less than the price of a meal out on the town. 🙂 The protectors came well packaged, with a nice cleaning cloth and dust removal stickers. The package was also sturdy enough to prevent getting bent/warped during shipping. My detailed review is below:


We always use screen protectors on our phones so we have tried a LOT of them. The installation process for the iSmooth protectors was better than most. The protectors applied easily and any bubbles I encountered pushed out easily with a couple minutes work. The included instructions and accessories were useful for getting a good installation without much hassle.


This morning I applied that last screen protector (of the 3 included) and was very happy to find zero scratches on the display. My wife’s phone sees heavy use, both in the home and on the go. My wife also occasionally lets the kids play a game on her phone and the protectors even held up to their rough usage. Overall no complaints, the protectors have withstood substantial use and provided total protection for the display. 🙂

DURABILITY: 3.5 stars

As I mentioned, we have now used all three of the protectors. We were able to get about 6-7 months of use out of the first two protectors, which is not bad. However, for the iSmooth protectors we did have the edges at the top and bottom start to lose adhesion and dust etc. can get under the very edge of the protectors at that point. They never totally failed and they always protected the screen, but both protectors started to look a bit dirty/ugly around the edges. We are not too image conscious about our phones so this did not really bother us, but it is an issue that negatively affects our rating of the product.

OVERALL: 4.5 stars

UPDATE: apparently iSmooth has recently an updated version of the product that resolves the edge/lifting issue. I have not received the update in order to test the improvement but I am hopefully it resolves my only concern with this product!

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