Chromebook Guest Browsing mode for Google Chrome

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Turn on Chromebook’s Guest Browsing in Google Chrome

To test/enable Guest Browsing in Chrome

1. Visit Chrome://flags in browser address bar and enable the below two flags

Enable new profile management system, and Enable GAIA profile name and icon.

via How to Get Chromebook’s Guest Browsing in Google Chrome? (click the link to get more info)

Photo by JD, Google Pixel Chromebook:

128GB card tucked nicely in to the Pixel's SD card slot

128GB card tucked nicely in to the Pixel’s SD card slot



  • John

    I picked up a Samsung Chromebook cheap and realized that it needed a Google account to access all of the Google ecosystem of apps, storage in cloud and syncing bookmarks and history. I really never cared for much of cloud storage or many Google services. I went ahead and used a email address I already had to register and passed on a Gmail account. After a couple months I have decided to just close my Google account and use just the “guest” mode on my Chromebook. I realize that this mode does not store much in web information, nor can I install apps or use many Google services. I am fine with that, and for me I have basically felt the Chromebook was just a browser with hardware anyway. At some point, I think I will eventually install a Linux distro like Mint in place of Chrome OS. Hey, if you like Chrome OS then more power to you. For me I could get a better Chrome experience fro installing Chrome browser on a good laptop that would perform all the Google stuff even better. The Samsung with a ARM CPU is atrociously bad and weak.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the great info! I had never thought of just using a Chromebook in “guest” mode but it makes a lot of sense for someone that just wants a browser 🙂

      I agree with you 100% about the Samsung Chromebooks with their ARM CPUs 🙁 Have you tried one of the new Haswell based Chromebooks like the Acer C720? The new ones seem pretty speedy but still have good battery life 🙂

      Thanks again for commenting and have a great week John!

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