Drury, Fines, and Bricks

Photo of a brick (not from Drury)

Photo of a free brick (not from Drury)

This morning I received an email from my alma mater, Drury University.  Leave it to them to try to sell you a brick (from a demolished building) for $20. Note, you will need to go pick up the brick and pay $20, it is not shipped to you :-).

While I have fond memories of my classmates at Drury as well as the majority of the faculty, I was never a fan of Drury’s financial policies nor their “security” policies. Especially the University’s penchant for giving students as many tickets as possible.

Do they not understand that: aggressively fining/ticketing people when they are poor college students may cause hard feelings that will prevent those same people from donating money (when they have it) later in life? Of course rules generally have reasons and I understand that fines are sometimes necessary, but IMHO  not to the extreme that I encountered in my four years at Drury….

Regardless, here’s the letter. I think I’ll pass on paying for a brick.

PS If Drury were offering to let alumni people come pick up a demolition brick for free, I wouldn’t be writing this.


Turner and Belle Halls have been razed to make way for new and exciting building projects at Drury. Many alumni have cherished memories from their time in those two buildings. You can keep a piece of Drury history by purchasing a commemorative brick!

To reserve your Turner or Belle Hall brick, call […], graduate assistant, at 417-873-[….].

Bricks cost $20 each and can be paid by check or credit card.

Bricks cannot be delivered or mailed.
The pickup site is at the Facilities Department main office on Clay Street.
Bricks can be picked up from 8am-5pm.

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  • I haven’t even graduated from MU with my masters and they are already sending me solicitations for donations. I think if/when I ever do donate, it will be to a specific cause or project. Having knowledge of funding, I know where some of the money goes and it’s unfortunately lost in overhead.

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