Roofing drawings and modeling using Google Sketchup

Today I started the order for some new roofing for our house. Here are some of the drawings I made in Google Sketchup. These were what I used for calculating how much roofing to order:

Top view:

Overall, Sketchup made it nice and easy to produce “good enough” drawings for my purposes :-).


  • Ronnie W.

    Nice work! If you ever need anything in CAD let me know. I use it every single day….

  • J.D.

    Thanks Ronnie! It was bringing back memories of drafting in Bob Frank’s class :-).

    Played basketball with Toby, Preston M., and some of the other fellas tonight. We still need to meetup the next time you’re down here or we’re near KC!

  • These drawings are nice. Google Sketchup should be very useful for making new paper crafts.
    Thanks J.D. I will try it!

  • Christie

    I think that the roofing is very hard to calculate the style of the roof. Because there are a lot of design of the roof. But the using the google sketch up you easily design on it. Thank you for the idea.

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