Disc Golf notes before doubles tournament

Miscellaneous disc golf form and technique reminders. For me to keep in mind during the upcoming doubles tournament…

  • Backhand (my normal drive)
    • Tilt disk to the right on release
      • (to even out the disk’s flight)
    • Open palm after release (so fingers don’t impede/alter course)
    • Hip rotation!
  • Putting
    • Fingers extended underneath the disk
      • Gives stability
      • (not gripping the edge)
    • Palm OPEN after release
    • Authoritative throw, really drive it into the basket
  • Forehand (NOT my normal drive)
    • Tilt disk to the left
      • Red disk only needs MINOR tilt
      • Green disk can take more tilt
UPDATE: 2012.Jan.29th
Tournament results: 1st place!

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