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New larger format 3D printer

I have been eyeing a 3D printer but had been waiting before purchasing because none of the semi-reasonably priced (<$2500) models seemed to have a large enough printing area/volume for my purposes. Specifically, I would really like to try 3D printing some discgolf discs. Most discs are circles aboutĀ 8-9 inches (20-23 cm) in diameter and unfortunately most entry levelĀ printers have a max print area of 7 inch by 9 inch or so… not quite large enough. šŸ™ Therefore I was

Disc Golf notes before doubles tournament

MiscellaneousĀ disc golf form and technique reminders. For me to keep in mind during the upcoming doubles tournament… Backhand (my normal drive) Tilt disk to the right on release (to even out the diskā€™s flight) Open palm after release (so fingers donā€™t impede/alter course) Hip rotation! Putting Fingers extended underneath the disk Gives stability (not gripping the edge) Palm OPEN after release Authoritative throw, really drive it into the basket Forehand (NOT my normal drive) Tilt disk to the left Red

Innova Aviar Disc Golf Putter Review

2011.Aug.29th After learning to play at my friend Kevin’s course using his discs, it was time to begin purchasing my own discs.Ā One of the first purchases: a putter. My putter of choice:Ā Innova Aviar Disc Golf Putter This post will be updated once I have had sufficient time to evaluate the disc. Updated withĀ impressionsĀ and brief review: 2012.Mar.01 Description and mini-review: a very predictable and rugged disc that has held up after hundreds of putts. Even the lower grade plastics (like I

Disc Golf App Reviews

Do you need a good app on your Android or iPhone to keep track of your rockin’ disk golf scores? Thankfully, there are some great disc-golf apps out there! Here are reviews and links that will hopefully help you find what you are looking for šŸ™‚ 5 Disc Golf App Reviews | Top Disc Golf Appshttp://www.discgolfstation.com/5-Disc-Golf-App-Reviews_b_72.htmlIf you’ve got an iPhone, then check out these Disc Golf Apps.Ā  Some are good, some are bad, all are Frisbee related… [from the best